Free Gift: 5 Step Social Media Plan


KeyboardMouse-TinyWant to spend more time hiking with your dog, going to yoga on your lunch break or relaxing at home each evening?

Feeling overwhelmed with where to spend your time and do$$ars to increase sales?

We know the feeling.

Let’s turn this around.

We would love to help you spend less time on the details of your business and more time embracing the big picture. We work behind the scenes to keep you looking brilliant (because you are).

Two Options:
Done-For-You Projects and Account Management
Education & Training – We’ll get your systems setup and show you how to take over

It’s vital to leverage all the great pieces you already have in place! We help you do this by optimizing your website, social media, email newsletters and more.

Some of our favorite projects include:
Social Media: Account Setup, Training, Online Scheduling Tools
Email Marketing – Online Opt-In Forms, Campaigns and Account Setup
Registration and Payment Systems
Quick Quote Forms
Templates for post-purchase surveys, testimonials and referrals, and reviews to boost your Google search rankings
Contests to increase website traffic, social media engagement and email opt-ins
Event (trade show) email address collection and follow up systems

Outdoor and eco-friendly brands are our favorites; cycling, yoga, natural & organic products. We like helping folks who work hard and play hard too!

Let’s start with a phone call or hike.

We are eager to save you time, money and frustration. Let’s get you back on track for enjoying your incredible life!




Hourly Consulting Packages

I’ve been hearing that there’s a big need for digital marketing, social media, email newsletter and contest help - but not for large projects. Maybe you’ve done your own marketing strategy work, and you need some help implementing. Or, you need some extra ideas as you plan your upcoming year.

For a limited time, I will be offering hourly marketing services so you’ll pay only for what you need most and have the freedom to focus on what you do best!

I’ve already had a lot of interest in this, so don’t wait to get started. My calendar is going to fill up fast! 

Learn More & Get Started

Infusionsoft Business Automation

I love helping businesses “take the next step” by getting their Infusionsoft accounts setup and optimized.  I specialize in helping educators get their content online, setup marketing sequences, sell registrations, and house password protected content for their students.

Infusionsoft helps enable Lifecycle Marketing:

  1. One place for all of your contacts, marketing sequences, and online sales
  2. Ability to capture leads and share free gift opt-in content
  3. Nurture prospects in a targeted way based on their specific interests
  4. Powerful contact segmentation for targeted marketing and follow up

My favorite features:

  • Ability to create systems, reminders, and efficient workflows to save you time and money – build it once, duplicated for each new program!
  • All systems talk together — No more patching together PayPal, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, 1Shoping Cart, etc
  • No more embarrassment about sending confusing marketing emails to people who are ALREADY customers

New to Infusionsoft?  Take 10 Minutes to Watch This Overview Video 

Get your TIME back and streamline your business!

Need Help?  I can offer support in two ways.

One-On-One Consulting: I’m happy to help review your online course setup and offer ideas and suggestions for improvements.  I’ve helped organize and host online programs for several clients over the past few years.  You can save time (and hassle) by learning from my mistakes.  We can work together in person or online via Skype.

Virtual Assistant: Need an assistant to work on projects in your account?  I can help setup programs, marketing sequences, your Customer Hub password protected member site, upload content or contacts, setup payment plans and promo codes on products, and more!


Online Appointment Scheduling Setup

Let's save time and get your online booking system up and running ASAP. This is particularly helpful for organizing your trade show appointments, phone appointments, meeting availability and more. 

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